Too rainy to work ...

It's pouring rain outside. I'm up early (well, early for me) to receive a fax from the music director of Magic Flute, so that I can get some copies of music to the three local girls who are singing small roles in the show.

I'm having non-stop anxiety dreams lately about this opera workshop, which starts up next week. It's my baby -- I started it two years ago, and it's now doubled in size and complexity. I'm excited but still waiting to see how it's all going to work out.

So the rain comes down, and I'm waiting by my phone, and all the time I'm looking at the really dreadful piece I started a few days, that just isn't getting any better. It makes me a little sad that I couldn't save it.

Maybe I should start a gallery of failed artwork? Actually, it might be interesting to see the range of pieces other artists have rejected as botched ...

You can check out the opera workshop at


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