Neatness is its own reward.

Yesterday my husband and I did some organizing work in our respective offices (we each have our own room in our big old house). They were a total mess, each in its own distinctive way: David's full to the brim with camera gear and mine, well, just full of everything -- props, clothes, and serious collage overspill.

So we worked on his room for a bit, until we could get one of his extra tables free, then took it to my room. I now have my collaging set up on it, and I can't tell you how lovely it is to work at! And my computer desk (which was covered in bits of paper, paint, glue) is now pretty much free! Hooray!

As a bonus, while clearing out David's room, we came across a 1953 television service manual, which he generously gave to me after I squealed and begged for it. It has wonderful black and white illustrations, including test patterns, circuit diagrams and schematics. Very graphic.

I've finished my first piece using this material: this art card. I felt that this pinup girl was just begging to be combined with mid-century television technical jargon ... :)


Peg said…
Great find with the manual... and an even better collage. Great work.
stilettoheights said…
that pin up girl is wonderful....was she on the note I sent to you with your order???

(I have/had pin up girl stationery, I could not remember who got what)
Thanks, guys!

Hah! I KNEW it was from an Etsy thank you card, but by the time I had feverishly cut her out and pasted her on, it was too late to see who had sent it :)

Great card -- thanks so much for it!
stilettoheights said… problem, I was so excited to see her put to good use!

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