Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Atlantic Provinces Street Team -- reborn!

We've just started up the Atlantic Provinces Street Team for Etsy: a chance for all the sellers on the East Coast of Canada to hang out together, work, share and network.

You can find our new blog here: APST Blog

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've just been reviewed ...

.... by cherryblossomsdesign on We Love Etsy, and I'm just so thrilled. Most importantly, it means a lot to me that my customer enjoyed her artwork and continues to get pleasure from it, but I'm just tickled pink to have been reviewed ... This is the piece she and her husband bought: one of my personal favourites, and the artwork I chose for my business card.

Thanks again, cherryblossomsdesign -- I really appreciate it!

Favourite Artists on Etsy - Ginger Cat Press

This Toronto-born artist and illustrator brings a child-like joy to her work, which is available both as original paintings and as simply wonderful greeting cards. I love the exuberance and energy of her illustrations -- they just seem to burst out and they never fail to make me smile.
She's also a big supporter of animal charities, which makes her pretty wonderful, too.

You can find her Etsy store at

Monday, October 29, 2007

Etsy for Animals

One of my favourite Street Teams at Etsy is Etsy for Animals (EFA). This group donates a portion of their sales to animal charities and also runs a shop on Etsy, where all proceeds are donated to the charity of the month. What a great group and a great cause.

I've just joined, and am really proud to be a part of this. My first offering is a work combining nostalgic image and text from an actual 1946 edition of Fun with Dick and Jane, and features the character Little Rabbit. It's for sale in the EFA section of my store.

All proceeds from the sale of this work will go to my own favourite animal charity, S.H.A.I.D. Tree Animal Shelter in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. David and I have volunteered here, and we adopted our two younger cats from here -- it's doing such good work, and on a real shoestring budget.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I sold my first pair of earrings!

I've been making stage jewellery for a while now, and I started a shop on Etsy to see if anyone else might be interested in it. Well, I've sold my first piece -- a pair of dangly earrings, and I'm just thrilled!

Here they are:

I've been a little shy about the whole "selling my jewellery" thing, partly because it's not what I've trained as, and partly because there are just so many AMAZING jewellery makers on Etsy, that I feel rather diffident about hanging out my shingle in the midst of so much incredible talent. But I really like some of the things I'm making in spite of the fact that they are frankly assembled costume pieces rather than extraordinary works of art.

But I think these sure are pretty ... :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Photography by David Mosey (my guy)

I love this photograph by my partner, David Mosey, of the staircase of the old building he was living in in St John, New Brunswick. I love the light and I love the exit sign centre left.

I've got a number of his pieces, in versions he developed himself, to use in my collage, and I've started with this one:

It's called "View" and combines overpainted papers with a fragment of one of David's original enlargements.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Studio photo day

Here's my workspace, exactly as it looks today (no sneaky cleaning up or tidying).

Various collage materials in drifts, funky lamps, shipping stuff, artwork by me and others (there are collages by stilettoheights and heathermurray art, among others), my olive can of water, my purple box o' birds, and lots and lots of .... crap. I really need to hang those paintings. And organize my ephemera.

Here's my gorgeous new iMac, my funky lamp, a photo of my horse, a postcard from magicjelly ... and lots of crap.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Very bad art.

There was a discussion that almost got started a couple of months ago on the VAST thread at Etsy about failed art. This is the piece I mentioned -- hideous and ill-conceived. I'm just so sorry about it all, but I thought it might be interesting for us to share failed artwork and discuss what it is we're trying for when we create, and how we know when we've arrived. If we do ...

The thread is here:

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I started with a photo of a woman from an advertisement in The American Home magazine for January 1947, and began overpainting it. I overpainted more thickly than usual, because there was advertising text on her face and the paper was very thin and the text from the other side was bleeding through (when I do this again with paper from that issue, I may let the bleed-through happen -- it was an interesting effect).

It got to a point when I thought I'd ruined it, and then I just kept going and, wham! It was a tiny bit Gauguinish so I stopped. The paper is from the April 1933 issue of Hobbies magazine -- I just love the warm colour of it, and the tidiness of the rows as contrasting with the mystery in her face.

It just goes to show that I never really knows what's going to happen when I start to assemble my bits and pieces ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jamie Ribisi -- great Etsy artist

One of my favourite artists on Etsy is Jamie Ribisi, one of the friendliest members of Etsy's VAST (Visual Arts Street Team) and a great painter. She lives and works in New York State, and her oil paintings of landscapes and cloudscapes are luscious constructions of colour and light. I really admire what she's able to do with colour, and she's also a terribly nice person who is currently having a Gallery sale at her Etsy store. Check it out!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Latest piece -- slightly twisted suburbia ...

I'm having a blast working my way through the vintage magazines I picked up a couple of weeks ago -- it's the ads that amaze me most. Everyone (everyone!) is grinning like an idiot in them -- it's most extraordinary.

I quite liked this girl, who was demonstrating the easy operation of Crane's Dial-ese faucet on the back cover of The American Home Magazine for May 1948. She just seemed to be crying out for something more substantial to grasp, hence the bird. The text, which I found elsewhere in the magazine clinched it for me: this is one creepy little girl. And it's not the bird's lucky day.

It's for sale at my Etsy store (shameless plug)!