Thank you, Marysusan!

I sold my collage "Past Perfect" exactly one week ago to a charming woman named Marysusan, who just let me know that it arrived today, and that she's framed it, and featured it in her blog, no less. Thanks so much, Marysusan --I'm terribly glad you like it, and I'm honoured to have been mentioned in your blog.

Her blog is here:

I've been working on a collage for the past day or so, and it's just not going very well, at all. I look at it and sometimes it looks okay, and sometimes it looks dreadful. (The ironic thing is that I've done all the basic collaging and I tempted fate by using a bit of found text that reads "inspiration"!)

I think I started with an iffy image -- one that didn't really grab me. Damn -- I should know enough not to start that way ...

Now I've gone too far with it, and it just gets less and less good. It stinks, actually.

So I'd better start something new!


stilettoheights said…
don't you hate that!!!! When there is something about a piece that is just "not right" now I am curious to see it
I should post a photo of the little abortion, shouldn't I? Except that I'm so ashamed that I produced anything so dreadful!

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