Monday, December 29, 2014

Pattern review: Zonnetje pendant by Ellad2

Here's my version of Ellad2's Zonnetje Pendant, the pattern for which is on sale at her Etsy store.

I used black 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads and amber 11/0 Delicas, dark bronze 15/0 beads, gold 6mm pearls and a copper mix of Twin Beads (these are the ones that were too large to work for the Marquesa earrings).

The design is nicely balanced among elements -- no one type of bead dominates and I like that.

It's made with standard beads and even works with Czech Twin Beads (rather than SuperDuos). It's quite forgiving that way.

It's double sided, so looks good no matter which way it hangs.  As with all Ellad2 patterns I've tried, the instructions are super clear and it was a pleasure to stitch.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another version of Sidonia's Bollywood Earrings

Here's another colour way!

12mm brown rivolis
3mm brown bicones
15/0 matte bronze seed beads

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pattern review: Art Deco Style Earrings by Sidonia

This is my review of the bead weaving pattern for Art Deco Style Earrings by Italian designer Sidonia Petki sold through her Etsy shop ByAllBeads.

I used amethyst bicones, grey pearls and metallic silver 15/0 seed beads.

The instructions were quite clear and easy to follow. My word of advice is to keep some pretty serious tension going while you stitch this or the construction will be loose and floppy. I made another pair with red and bronze beads and the first earring was a bit loose and the second was tight so they didn't look enough alike :)

An easy stitch. RECOMMENDED

Friday, December 26, 2014

Pattern review: Bollywood Earrings by Sidonia

I finished my first pair of bead woven Bollywood Earrings following the pattern by Sidonia sold through her Etsy shop ByAllBeads.

I used a metallic bronze 15/0, some sort of pale AB coated 3mm bicones and aquamarine 12mm rivolis.

First of all, I LOVE this netted bezel! It allows more of the rivoli to be seen, and with a pale and brilliant colour like the aqua that's a plus.

The tutorial instructions were very clear, with diagrams and photos to explain some of the fiddlier bits. It's a pretty easy stitch and they go together quickly.

I usually prefer my earrings to be a bit more rigid but I like the light weight and unusual shape of these. All in all I'm going to make another pair for myself and see what I think.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas! I'm working on these Bollywood Earrings

I started them last night. They're from a pattern by ByAllBeads who sells her tutorials on Etsy. They're the Bollywood Earrings and I'm really enjoying the pattern.

I love these 12mm aqua rivolis and was happy to find a pattern that did them justice.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pattern review: Marquesa Earrings by NannyPinksPassion

This is my test of Marquesa Earring pattern by Angie Martin who sells from her Etsy shop, NannyPinksPassion

14mm Moss Green rivolis
4mm brass beads
11/0 matte transparent brown Miyukis
8/0 bronze matte Tohos

Like Linda Genaw of Linda's Crafty Inspiration Blog, I had some problems with using non-Superduo twin beads with this pattern. I had a tube of pretty matte copper Dazzle-It twin beads, also Czech but not labelled Superduo. They are too thick -- at least .5 of a mm thicker than real Superduos -- and the pattern simply didn't work with them.  I tried three times to make it work and finally gave up my pretty colour choices. If I hadn't read Linda's review, I would have given up on this pattern entirely!

But I retried it with the beads listed above and all was well :)

This is, hands down, the most clever way of bezelling a rivoli I've ever seen. It's really ingenious, and results in a rather pear shaped opening for a round rivoli. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't done it myself.

I have one tip -- when adding the netting for the bezel to the top of the earring, ignore Angie's directions about adding the loop for the earwire. I got a tad confused at this point in the pattern. Just carry on doing the netting for the bezel and add whatever you need for the earwire later.

I also used 1 11/0 1 8/0 1 11/0 for the picot at the bottom of the earring instead of 3 11/0s.

This is a gorgeous pattern and well worth buying and stitching, but don't even try any twin bead that's not a SuperDuo.