Favourite Artists on Etsy #4 -- The Mincing Mockingbird

This Los Angelies artist paints birds -- all kinds of birds -- with attitude. Most of the items for sale in his shop are birdy magnets, each one an original, tiny, hand painted gem of expressive avian art, and each one with a caption. As good as the art is (and it's excellent), I love the item titles and descriptions almost as much as the finished pieces. For example, here's the title to the above magnet: When Your Pet Is Vocalizing, It Is Always Saying This.

The magnet below has the following title: "Hmmm, I Wonder What It Is You Would Like For Breakfast"

The description is as follows:

"Why don't you go back to bed, or wherever you beaked vermin live and quit flappin' your gums about flapjacks.
Give us a G$#damn break. It's 5:30 a.m.
"Oh, look, it's the sun! Ooooh, whoop de doo, let's wake up the entire neighborhood!" Enough! Wake me up at 10 and I'll make you some flapjacks. Until then, I'm closing the window.

I own two of them, and each one is unique, beautifully made and hilarious.

Want more? Check out mincingmockingbird's Etsy shop.


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