I sold one of my favourite pieces yesterday ...

And although I'm so happy that he's going to a good home, I can't help but experience a tiny pang of separation anxiety. You see, I fell in love with him the instant I saw his smiling, happy face. It's not usually easy for a bird to look so happy ... He's by Audubon, of course, placed by me against a background of overpainted old, antique and modern papers.

And now he's flying off to his new home, courtesy of a great buyer, and the Esty VAST off the wall sale ...

Bon voyage, little fellow!


Morrgan said…
Congrats on the sale! He's a sweetie. :) I had to part with one of my own favourites recently, it is kinda bittersweet.
It is bittersweet, isn't it? I mean, I make art to sell, and I'm glad someone wants him (really glad), but ... waah!

Thanks for the sympathy!

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