Working on Black Lace Lariat by Lisa Kan

I downloaded the beading book Bead Romantique by Lisa Kan a few weeks ago from the Interweave store and this project immediately caught my eye.

It's the Black Lace Lariat and I love it! It's inspired by Victorian mourning jewellery made of Whitby jet (one of my favourite stones) and I can't wait to finish it.

If you don't want to buy the whole book, not to worry, you can just buy this pattern as an instant download.

It calls for three full hanks of 13/0 charlottes, which are seriously the smallest beads I've ever used!  They're (surprisingly)  quite a bit smaller than 15/0 Japanese seed beads, that's for sure.

It also uses 11/0s, 3mm round fire polished beads and small daggers. (It also calls for 11/0 triangle beads which I only noticed today, so I'm going to pretend I didn't see them and make that bit with regular 11/0s :))

It took a few weeks for all my supplies to arrive, but the last thing I was waiting for, the charlottes, finally arrived today and I made a start.

Each of these floral motif elements has come out slightly cupped for me -- I was worried that I was using too tight tension (and indeed you shouldn't use terribly tight tension on these) but I can see from the photo of the finished project that they're slightly dimensional there, too.

I'm loving the intricacy of the piece as it grows -- it's quite unlike any other piece I've worked on.


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