Black Lace Lariat update and Art Deco Bracelet finished

Here's where the Black Lace Lariat stands this afternoon.  I love it!  It's so pretty. It's also the perfect project for picking up, doing 10 minutes work and putting it back down.

There are three sections to this necklace -- the large elements shown above, a smaller section with small elements separated by black faceted teardrops (which I'm waiting for) and the tassels. I decided to start the tassels.

Below you'll see the start of the tassels. I used 8/0 beads for the peyote base of the tassel instead of the 11/0 triangle beads the pattern calls for.

I finished the Art Deco bracelet last night. Really pretty.

I made the band of the bracelet out of 11/0s instead of the 8/0s the pattern calls for because I didn't have enough 8/0s. I will make this bracelet again using 8/0s. My herringbone on the band is also not perfect -- I did get confused at a couple of points, but that's my unfamiliarity with herringbone not a problem with the pattern!  Next time will be perfect :)


Kasey Thompson said…
I just stumbled across your blog today and have enjoyed reading your posts. I was looking for bigger pictures of the Black Lace Lariat to confirm that it is as beautiful as it looks on Interweave before I purchased the instructions...and it is! Can't wait to see how it turns. Looking forward to your posts in the future. Best to you, Kasey - An American, Crafty, Plus Size, Slightly Under 50 Beader Who Couldn't Sing to Save Her Life!

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