Pattern review: Art Deco Bracelet by Smadar Grossman

This is a review of Smadar Grossman's pattern for her Art Deco Bracelet. It was published in the Dec 2013/Jan 2014 issue of Beadwork or you can purchase the pattern as a download on the Interweave store.

I think I just needed a break from all black beads :)  I had noted this pattern in the Beadwork issue when I read it -- it appealed to me because of the combination of shapes -- so when I was looking for a palate cleanser from the Lace Lariat, it just jumped out at me.  The central motif (shown above) isn't hard to make but I found it fun, and a nice change. I can see from the pattern that quite a bit of herringbone awaits me in the next steps :)


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