Pattern Review: Beth Duo Earrings by Beth Clark

Linda over at Linda's Crafty Blog posted about a pattern she'd been trying to track down, and the end result is that the designer posted the tutorial! You can buy the pattern from Beth Clark's Artfire shop.

It's a pretty pattern and a great one for Superduos. (The earrings above used 30 purple and 12 black Superduos -- great for using up odds and ends of colours!) I found that I needed to use tight tension throughout and reinforce the work as I went because the first earring was a bit floppy until I restitched it. The second one worked better because I reinforced all thread paths.

I really like the shape -- I like the slightly cupped nature of the earring and really like the use of Superduos -- the pattern really makes the most of them.

I just stitched the pattern for the second time, using copper and black Superduos, and left out the 11/0s in the first circle, which was one of the things Linda suggested. It does make the earring flatter but the most important things is that it seems a bit more stable without the 11/0s. Or maybe it's just that I'm getting the hang of it :)

Beth also offers 5 other cute tutorials through her Artfire shop -- check them out!


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