Turandot Jade Bracelet

At the beginning of the summer, before I got crazy busy with opera (which is how I spend my summers -- well, opera and sailing) I made many, many pieces of jewellery which were sold on consignment in a wonderful shop in nearby Chester, Nova Scotia, the Warp and Woof. A big shout-out to Gwen -- thanks so much!

I kept some of the pieces back, though, and this is one of them. I wasn't sure at first I could part with it, but I've listed it now on ArtFire.

It's all jade, all the way, wirewrapped with copper and oxidized and sealed. I LOVE wirewrapping, especially for bracelets, because it makes them insanely durable as well as being a design element. It's also damned fun to do when I'm sick of knitting.

I named it after Turandot, the eponymous princess of Puccini's last opera (the debate about pronouncing or not pronouncing the final "t" seems to have been settled: don't pronounce it, because Puccini didn't and the text setting backs him up. This sucks because when I was becoming an opera gal the fashion was FOR pronouncing it. Now I have to learn a whole new way to be cool -- in opera, that ain't easy, believe me).

So Turandot gets a bracelet and loses a t, and I get to blog about it :)


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