I've opened a new store -- on Artfire.com!

Well, after a busy summer and autumn, the time has come for me to transition from Etsy to a new sales venue.

This has been coming for a while, but I had an "aha" experience lately, and realize the effort I've put into being an Etsy-booster isn't being met by a reciprocal effort from them. In spite of all the recent changes, most particularly in staff, things seem to be getting worse, not better.

So I've started up a new shop at a new website: artfire.com

My first experiences with it have been entirely positive. Joining is very easy and listing items is so simple and intuitive (all on one page, all images uploaded at the same time) that it made my head spin. (I understand some people have been having problems with IE, but I'm a Firefox user on a Mac, and had no troubles at all).

It'll take me a while to move things from Etsy over there, but I'm really looking forward to the fresh start!

Check it out!


foxaz said…
I've started a shop at Artfire too-tours looks very nice. Here's mine:

no sales yet, but it's coming together. Listing is so easy!
Justin said…
Glad to see you are on artfire. I'm there too. I love these little collages. Even if they are inspired by serial killers. :D
:) Justin -- I think artfire is going to do quite well for itself and for us ....

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