New Art Fire Blog

Art Fire is one of the most exciting new websites I've come across, and true to my compulsive nature I've just started a blog to feature Art Fire Studio artisans and their work. Art Fired Up will feature several of my favourite artisans each week, with photos of their work and some information about them. Over time I hope it will give a picture of some of the most interesting studios at AF and the people who run them.


Art Fire said…
Hi Dangerous Mezzo,

WOW! This is so AWESOME! How great that you are so inspired by Artfire that you have created this excellent blog to feature our artisans... we are so thrilled about this blog!

Thanks for being such a great Artfire supporter.


Social Media Coordinator
Create Without Limits ~ Sell Without Fees

ps: I am also going to post this comment on your Art Fired Up blog!
Celia, thanks for your comment.

I have become, in the last week, a HUGE Art Fire booster. I know that the site will be successful, because you fine folks are going about things in an intelligent, fairly transparent, completely respectful way. You really "get" why Etsy has serious, systemic problems with the site and I can see you making better choices all the way down the line.

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