Favourite Etsy Artists -- Immortal Longings

I think this artist's work is extraordinary. Award-winning English designer Elizabeth E. Schüch's Shakespeare-inspired illustrations are featured at Shakespeare's Globe Shop, The Royal National Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare and Shakespeare festivals in US/Canada. She says of her own art:

Blending character and architecture (or nature posing as architecture) to illustrate Shakespeare's stories, the series was inspired by the posters of Alfons Mucha. My original drawings were produced in ink and watercolour.

You don't have to visit Shakepeare's Globe to buy her work, either :) You can purchase pieces based on her graphic work (from bookmarks to journals to calendars to prints) through her Etsy Shop.


Tanya said…
Her work is so elegant yet dark. Just like the play.
I agree, Tanya. Very elegant use of lines -- she manages to make it free and controlled all at the same time.

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