Green Mamba -- Featured Etsy Artist!

Here's my salute to one of the smartest, wisest sellers on the Fora at Etsy: GreenMamba. Her avatar on the site is a big, green eye, and whenever I see that eye, I know I'm going to read a post full of common sense, humour filtered through a humane mind with a commendably even temper.

She and her two daughters also make AMAZING stuff :)

Like the mini top hat, above. It's trimmed with red marabou feathers and red and black checked ribbon and it's simply divine and more than a tad theatrical. Which I like ... I want to plan an entire costume around it!

GM says of the family team, who live in Houston, Texas:
We are drei Frauen: mother and daughters, working a little of our eccentric magic to bring you fun and funky handmade goodness.

Mostly, we work individually on whatever is inspiring us at the moment, though you may see occasional collaborations. Full credit is given in each listing to the designer/creator.

Pssst . . . Wonder who is posting in the fora with that mesmerizing green gaze?
It's always me, GreenMamba, the matriarch of this li'l operation.

This is GM's Lolita mini top hat with pink ribbon and bows. The mother and daughters also make plushies, eye patches, bows and other items with a distinctly Japanese sensibility.

So here's to GreenMamba -- mother and daughters -- intelligence and design with a kick somewhere between goth and kawaii.

GreenMamba's shop at Etsy


GreenMamba said…
I'm late commenting here - I wanted to be able to take a proper stroll through your blog first, rather than merely doing a post and run. I've got you bookmarked now, so I can check back often.

You do such beautiful work, DM! I love your collage work, especially your ACEOs. There's something decidedly bewitching about the opera singer/artist combination.

And thanks so much for featuring us! I don't mind saying that it's a bit of a thrill. A very pleasantly unexpected surprise.

Thanks so much, GM! You're one of my favourite spirits out there in the internet ether. I admire you personally and I love you and your daughters' work.

Peace, always,

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