Day Two (2): crystal ball earrings

I've wanted to learn how to make spheres out of bicone beads ever since I saw an amazing pair of earrings a friend of mine has (Tara, I'm looking at you).  I'd bookmarked a video tutorial, but hadn't got around to actually watching it with beads in hand until today.  So here is day two's thing:

Crappy photos, sorry.  I made one sphere out of AB crystal 4 mm bicones, and then made another right away just to prove the first wasn't a fluke :)

Then I hung them on handmade sterling headpins with sterling beads and wires.  Earrings.

Here's the video I followed, by the way, in case anyone else wants to get all OCD about bead weaving: 

These are now for sale at my Artfire shop


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