Day Twenty-Six (26): Cats!

We had a couple of people over the other day to mark David's birthday, and the cats got all excited, as they do, when the dining room table is rearranged for a party.  I just got the tablecloth on, and a vase of tulips in place, when all four cats trooped up to check it out.

I don't know if other multiple-cat companions notice this phenomenon, but we've noticed a sort of "monkey see, monkey do" rhythem to their curious explorations.  Generally one starts by checking out a new thing, then all the others have to follow suit.

I just sat down on a chair and waited.

First up was Ralph, the youngest and biggest.  He got on the table, and then lowered his undercarriage and sprawled, expansively, in front of the flower, as is his wont.  Then came Edmund, the elder male, who, typically, barely stayed in one place long enough for me to photograph him! 

Then came little Katie, who struck an elegant pose.  The only one who didn't get on the table was Emma, which surprised me.  She made up for it, later, by sitting on the coffee table and attempting to hypnotise people into giving her potato chips :)


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