Day Ten (10): Auditions

Today I drove two hours, heard 7 hours of auditions and drove two hours back.

All the wonderful, talented young artists I heard did their own things, of course -- for a performer an audition is a small chunk of distilled stress, opportunity and potential, a brief moment where he  exposes himself and his talent in the hopes that the combination will be something that the auditioner will see and value.

At the end of my day of receiving dozens of performances by these young singers, I was left with a pile of their photos, resumes and my notes.  I was also left with a profound sense of the beauty of lives dedicated to the struggle for mastery over their craft, the struggle to be seen, the struggle to birth their inner artists and the struggle against the general disinterest shown by the wider world for their work.

Here's the only part of my experience that I could photograph :)



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