Day One (1) : green flat spiral stich bracelet

Holy crap.  There are over 400 people signed up for this thing.  This "Thing" thing.  Here I go, adding my bit :)

I took a class in bead weaving a couple of weeks ago, and ever since I've been making these bracelets -- first of all, it's endlessly fun coming up with colour/texture combinations within the technical requirements of the stitch.  It's also very meditative to do -- repetitive, soothing, pleasing.

Here's my first for February:

The bracelet is 8 inches long, made of Czech glass beads with copper toggle.  I had a few beads left over so I made some earrings, too :)

Tomorrow, who knows?

All the best to everyone as they start their Thing-a-day journey :)

This bracelet is now for sale at my Artfire shop.


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