Whatever happened to Baby Jane? Eh?

Okay, I've immersed myself in WHTBJ for the last couple of days -- what a great film it is. Yeah, it's slightly shlocky horror, but, my lord, what performances ... Love it to pieces now, but it totally freaked me out as a little kid.

(As an aside, does anyone know the "Whatever Happened to Baby Dawn" parody that French and Saunders did? It's one of their best bits, and they had a lot of very good ones ... I couldn't watch Davis in the real thing without being reminded of French's spot on impersonation)

So, of course, it's all leaking out in the new art I'm doing. Here's a piece ... featuring the young Miss Davis.

And here's one with the young Miss Crawford ... She must have been one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood -- that bone structure is perfection.

Of course, they're both for sale at my Etsy Store (shameless plug) ...


stilettoheights said…
WHTBJ is one of my favorites, so trashy and fantastic...and you actually like Joan Crawford in it, so vulnerable...

Love it, love you!
Betty Davis is fabulous. Tough girl.

I always remember what she said when asked her thoughts on dying:

"I want millions of flowers…I want everyone to weep. Copiously".
The first time I saw that movie, I thought Joan Crawford had been found in time on the beach and wasn't dead.

The second time I saw the movie, I thought, "how could I ever have thought she was alive at the end of this?"

The third time I thought she might be alive again.

What do you think? Alive or dead.

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