A long time away ...

Well, I guess my life ate me, or something, because it's been weeks since I last posted, and more weeks before that since I created any visual art. Life has been hectic, for sure. I just found out that my two aged pussy cats, Bhima and Messalina, are more ill than I thought. Bhima is in the early stages of kidney failure, and Messy is mildly diabetic. All of a sudden, needles are a big part of our lives -- insulin for Mess and sub cutaneous fluid for the Bhimster. Fun and games! But they're responding well (and quickly) to it, so that's the important thing.

I did my first collages in almost two months last night -- it felt so damned good. And I have a heap of wonderful old magazines from the 40s and 50s, so I can't wait to get started ripping those to pieces ... But here's Picture Tubes -- a collision between overpainted printed matter, a rather gaudy bird and technical diagram and text from a Televison Repair Manual circa 1953!


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