Pattern review: Zonnetje pendant by Ellad2

Here's my version of Ellad2's Zonnetje Pendant, the pattern for which is on sale at her Etsy store.

I used black 11/0 and 8/0 seed beads and amber 11/0 Delicas, dark bronze 15/0 beads, gold 6mm pearls and a copper mix of Twin Beads (these are the ones that were too large to work for the Marquesa earrings).

The design is nicely balanced among elements -- no one type of bead dominates and I like that.

It's made with standard beads and even works with Czech Twin Beads (rather than SuperDuos). It's quite forgiving that way.

It's double sided, so looks good no matter which way it hangs.  As with all Ellad2 patterns I've tried, the instructions are super clear and it was a pleasure to stitch.



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