Pattern review: Marquesa Earrings by NannyPinksPassion

This is my test of Marquesa Earring pattern by Angie Martin who sells from her Etsy shop, NannyPinksPassion

14mm Moss Green rivolis
4mm brass beads
11/0 matte transparent brown Miyukis
8/0 bronze matte Tohos

Like Linda Genaw of Linda's Crafty Inspiration Blog, I had some problems with using non-Superduo twin beads with this pattern. I had a tube of pretty matte copper Dazzle-It twin beads, also Czech but not labelled Superduo. They are too thick -- at least .5 of a mm thicker than real Superduos -- and the pattern simply didn't work with them.  I tried three times to make it work and finally gave up my pretty colour choices. If I hadn't read Linda's review, I would have given up on this pattern entirely!

But I retried it with the beads listed above and all was well :)

This is, hands down, the most clever way of bezelling a rivoli I've ever seen. It's really ingenious, and results in a rather pear shaped opening for a round rivoli. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't done it myself.

I have one tip -- when adding the netting for the bezel to the top of the earring, ignore Angie's directions about adding the loop for the earwire. I got a tad confused at this point in the pattern. Just carry on doing the netting for the bezel and add whatever you need for the earwire later.

I also used 1 11/0 1 8/0 1 11/0 for the picot at the bottom of the earring instead of 3 11/0s.

This is a gorgeous pattern and well worth buying and stitching, but don't even try any twin bead that's not a SuperDuo.



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