Pattern review: Bollywood Earrings by Sidonia

I finished my first pair of bead woven Bollywood Earrings following the pattern by Sidonia sold through her Etsy shop ByAllBeads.

I used a metallic bronze 15/0, some sort of pale AB coated 3mm bicones and aquamarine 12mm rivolis.

First of all, I LOVE this netted bezel! It allows more of the rivoli to be seen, and with a pale and brilliant colour like the aqua that's a plus.

The tutorial instructions were very clear, with diagrams and photos to explain some of the fiddlier bits. It's a pretty easy stitch and they go together quickly.

I usually prefer my earrings to be a bit more rigid but I like the light weight and unusual shape of these. All in all I'm going to make another pair for myself and see what I think.



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