Daily Art ... day 5

I love this one. I generally at least LIKE all the pieces that get as far as being posted in my shop, but this one tickles me.

This piece started out rather sweet and soft and romantic and all that stuff, but the instant I added the caption (found text from a 1950's ad) the whole thing got a bit more twisted.

At various points in the genesis of this piece, there were magazine covers and televisons in the lower left hand corner. I had to find a really BIG rose to cover them, when I decided to soften it a bit! But what really sold it was the bird ... because the Gainsborough woman and the Gainsborough dog really needed someone to envy them ...

Okay, it's not great art, but what the hell. It's my piece for today!


Victoria said…
I really admire your goal to make a piece of art a day! I think you are doing a terrific job!

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