Daily Art ... day 3

I am having so much fun with my stash of 1930s to 1950s women's and decorating magazines! This piece is called "Are you still the girl he married?" -- a found piece of text I've combined with a mid-century girdle ad and part of a page from a 1930's novel.


Katie said…
I'm with you- I can never get enough vintage women's magazines, although the modern ones (mainstream) make me want to throw something at the wall.

Great collages!

Angela said…
Hehe! I love this one. It's film noir and cheesy housewife and 50s glamour all in one. So great!
This one is great, I need it for my inspirational board. I just bought a old mag at a flea market and I can't wait to do this too. What a great idea. Oh, and yes... these women have curves. I love that!

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