Richer Ruffles bracelet by Shelley Nybakke

I stitched up this gorgeous bracelet yesterday! It's the Richer Ruffles bracelet, by designer Shelly Nybakke and the instructions are available through her Etsy store.

It's a really cool design, but the finished bracelet is extraordinarily heavy, since it's all made from 8/0 seed beads!

My version is made on a base of black beads, with rows of gold lined matte crystal, dark bronze, a brown czech mix (Wheatberry, my favourite mix!)  and then a final row of various black, brown and copper fire polish beads in 3 and 4 mm.

I love how organic it is. I thought at first the ruffles would be floppy, but it's all very stiff.

The instructions are not terribly detailed but they're certainly good enough to follow. You should be familiar with even count peyote, both one and two drop.  


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