I sold my first pair of earrings!

I've been making stage jewellery for a while now, and I started a shop on Etsy to see if anyone else might be interested in it. Well, I've sold my first piece -- a pair of dangly earrings, and I'm just thrilled!

Here they are:

I've been a little shy about the whole "selling my jewellery" thing, partly because it's not what I've trained as, and partly because there are just so many AMAZING jewellery makers on Etsy, that I feel rather diffident about hanging out my shingle in the midst of so much incredible talent. But I really like some of the things I'm making in spite of the fact that they are frankly assembled costume pieces rather than extraordinary works of art.

But I think these sure are pretty ... :)


w said…
congrats on your first jewelry sale! the earrings are beautiful.

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