Etsy for Animals

One of my favourite Street Teams at Etsy is Etsy for Animals (EFA). This group donates a portion of their sales to animal charities and also runs a shop on Etsy, where all proceeds are donated to the charity of the month. What a great group and a great cause.

I've just joined, and am really proud to be a part of this. My first offering is a work combining nostalgic image and text from an actual 1946 edition of Fun with Dick and Jane, and features the character Little Rabbit. It's for sale in the EFA section of my store.

All proceeds from the sale of this work will go to my own favourite animal charity, S.H.A.I.D. Tree Animal Shelter in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. David and I have volunteered here, and we adopted our two younger cats from here -- it's doing such good work, and on a real shoestring budget.


deanna roux said…
did you notice some people don't have a sense of humor? when you posted "what's the world series" last night i laughed.

anyhoo, love your work and what a nice cause you are working toward!
Thanks deanna!

I don't follow baseball, but I DO know what the World Series is ... :)

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