Adding a wire bail to a bead embroidered piece

I was tired of herringbone bails for my pendants, so  I researched other ways of making bails for bead embroidery. Here's a simple wire loop method I've used for my last few pieces.

When the piece is finished, but before you've attached the backing and edged it, make a loop out of wire by bending a short piece around round nosed pliers. This was about 2.5 inches long -- I bent it into a loop and then crossed it for extra security (it's thinner wire than I usually use -- this is 24 gauge, and I'd normally go with 22 or 20. On the plus side, this will hardly show under the backing). I curl the ends, too, just to make it less likely to slip out, although the glue and edging hold it well in place.

Glue the bail in place behind your work, adjusting it to show just as much as you want it to. Remember that you'll be adding your bead edging so make sure you leave enough room for whatever size of bead or pattern you're edging it with!

Then, glue the backing in place on top of it. 

When you're edging around the wire bail, get the beads as close as possible, then just allow for the wire, bead under the loop and allow for the wire again. It's a remarkably neat finish.

Add a jump ring and you're all set!


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