Great embroidery and needlepoint store in Nova Scotia!

Okay, I'm getting heavily into needlepoint and tapestry work, and I've found out that it's REALLY hard to get tapestry wool any more.  I'm working on a big canvas for David's birthday (it's a Spitfire, how cool is that?) and needed quite a lot of tapestry wool.

I ordered some online, but it's so slow!

Then I heard that there was a great store, actually in Bridgewater (which is just down the road from me in Lunenburg) that still sells DMC Tapestry Wool!

It's Dennison's Custom Framing and Needlework, and this is a big shout-out to them, because I was able to walk in and get just about everything I needed :)

Super helpful, and right around the corner.  I'm so happy!


me me me me said…
Thank you for posting this! I've been hunting for tapestry wool all over Nova Scotia and almost gave up.
Morgan said…
Thank you SO much from The Loop in Downtown Halifax! I have long felt guilty, not knowing of a reliable needlepoint supplier in Nova Scotia. Now I have a place to send customers! Hurrah! I just have to find a way to get myself out there...
Momiji said…
A few years late, but we have just added needlepoint to our line-up at Dartmouth Yarns, 122 Portland St., Dartmouth, NS. We have hand-painted and printed canvases, kits, Appletons tapestry and crewel wool, threads and supplies. Our stock is expanding, so check with us for your needlepoint supplies!

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