Dollhouse miniatures: my latest love!

Once upon a time four little girls, one little boy, one big girl and one big boy decided to build a dolls house. One of the little girls (Tiddles) wanted it to be a medieval castle. After some discussion, it was decided that the group would build a medieval castle that was now being lived in by a noble, Tudor-age family.

We decided to build the castle in 1:12 scale, or 1 inch to 1 foot, as that seemed to be the most popular scale for modern dollhouses.

We looked online for help, but couldn't find a great deal about building dollhouse sized castles :) There was one set of plans here, which were interesting, and there was information about a Tudor dollhouse on this model castle site here, and there's a wonderful castle-like dollhouse kit here, but we wanted to build something a little different.

If you'd like to follow our quest, you can find our new blog at The Tudor Dolls House Project.


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