New at dangerousmezzo -- PRINTS!

I'm very happy to announce that I will now be offering prints of my original 5 x 7 inch collages. I've never sold reproductions before, only the originals, so this is a departure for me.

Each print will measure 5 x 7 inches, and will be printed on the highest quality acid free art paper with acid-free inks from the high resolution scans I've taken of my work over the years. I've made a couple of test prints and I can say that I'm thrilled with the depth of colour and the quality of the results.

I'll only be producing ten prints of each collage -- and each one will be numbered and signed by me. When the ten are gone, they'll be gone for good.

This article shows the first two I'm offering for sale. At the top is "wake up", a dreamy mixed media piece which could be happy or sad, depending on the viewer's mood.

This is "Past Perfect". The original was a heaviliy over-painted portrait based on a glamour photo from the 1920s, with found text forming both caption and title. It's very typical of my style and remains one of my favourites.

An older artist friend of mine used to tell me that any work of art looked 35% better once it was framed, and I tend to agree with him :) One of the lovely things about prints is that they're so very easy to frame: much easier than having a piece on stretched canvas framed. Here's a print of Past Perfect slipped into a commercially available photo frame, matted to 5 x 7 and under glass. In North America 5 x 7 is a standard size for easily-available and affordable frames and mats, so it would be easy to prepare a print as a gift or for yourself.

I've got prints of the two collages in this article up for sale in my ArtFire Studio, but I'd be happy to print up any of my previous works. In nearly all cases I have the original scans at high resolution. You can see the 5 x 7 collages I've sold here at Flickr. If you'd like a specific work, please contact me through this blog, or through my shops at ArtFire or Etsy. I can print a work and list it for sale in either of my shops for you.


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