I hate being sick.

I've got a cold. A stupid, boring cold. I'm a singer, so I get absurdly neurotic about anything going on in my upper respiratory system, but this is the real thing.

I had an abortive voice lesson yesterday, and my wonderful teacher, after ten minutes of trying to clear the crap from my vocal cords, said, "That's it! Stop singing!" She very kindly led me to a health food store where, under her guidance I purchased a Neti Pot.

Do you know what a Neti Pot is? Have you made its acquaintance? It's a tool for "nasal irrigation" and it's the source of one of the most peculiar sensations I have ever experienced.

The idea is that you run warm saline solution from one nostril through the other, as demonstrated by the charming (if somewhat apprehensive-looking) young woman in the photo above.

It feels damned odd, let me tell you. And if your nose is very blocked (as mine is right now) nothing happens at all except a kind of dam effect where the water backs up and ... well, never mind.

But I shall persevere. I may even consider buying a Neti pot from this Etsy seller, who describes it, somewhat prosaically, as a "snot pot" :)


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You're most welcome! :)

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