Great Etsy Seller -- ancaNY and her fabulous jewellery!

"I make jewelry because I love it and because I am nothing if I can't create. I love both new and old materials, I love unusual techniques and combinations, I love color and the way jewelry adorns a body."

Here's a little ode to one of my very favourite Etsy jewellers, AncaNY. This Romanian-born, New York-dwelling artisan jeweller creates stunning works of almost poetic beauty. (Above is a photo of her "La Reine" necklace, below is "Indian Summer".)

Not only is her jewellery divine, but she packages everything in the most sumptuous way. Receiving a parcel from her is a real experience!

I have a few of her pieces, and look forward to acquiring more, more more. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, Anca!

Please visit AncaNY's Etsy store for more beauty ...


She's just one of the very best I know!
Trendy Tots said…
Beautiful pieces in one of my favorite palettes!
stilettoheights said…
her pieces are beautiful
aliceinparis said…
Beautiful stuff!
Hiya, Just wanted to let you know that the Atlantic Provinces Street Team has two treasuries up at the moment. Pop over to the web site for the links and click,click, click. If you know how to do a screen capture, it would be great if you could post them on our site,
Cheers, Shelagh

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