New computer!

The Opera Workshop ended over a week ago, and I had to take a five day trip to Toronto to do some other sorts of work. This work was quite remunerative, so I was able to buy a brand new computer -- a 2.4 gHz iMac, one of the new ones with a 24" LCD screen. Damn, it's beautiful (it's the one on the right ...)

So now I'm back from Toronto, and free of 24/7 opera, I'm going to start painting again, which I've missed so much.

Look for some new work soon!


stilettoheights said…
OMG, I keep seeing the commercials for those and they are like a dream....congrats, I am now living vicariously through you.

also I put your "Taste Me" piece up in my new home, by my little bar, it's perfect.

you are one of only 3 artists other than myself I have displayed.

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